Introducing LlamEye One Live

LlamEye Model by Inverseting Labs is a revolutionary AI technology that is set to disrupt the industry with its unique capabilities and innovative approach. It offers an augmented intelligence experience, surpassing existing models in the market.

The most Immersive technology for a longer, healthier, more connected life.

Designed for professionals, event organizers, gamers, educators and corporations to build their own virtual worlds, provide metaverse services directly to their own clients, and create new business models.

Inverseting Labs provide a virtual reality (VR) platform named MEDICAL EYEAEYE for controlled, scalable, and effective environmental manipulation in the ER, ICU or any other healthcare facility.

Eliminating the need to deploy any additional hardware by combining Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning generated the most immersive and cost effective product for everyone in order to be a part of the future – today! 

Technology that makes the difference