About the labs

About Inverseting Labs

The most importent technologies are ones that effect positive change, Inverseting Labs mission is to deliver a safer and more immersive human navigation experience.

Inverseting labs LTD is an Israeli-based SaaS software company,  developing VR/AR applications with unique technological edge of creating the first full immersive Avatar.  We are  dedicated to developing and commercializing interactive smart interface ,and existing smart limited apps by taking real life mimical movements to apps, with the ability of providing fully immersive experience while using VR/AR devices.

Our Dynamic Extended Reality Platform enable us to seamlessly overlay information upon reality that provides pertinent navigation information without creating distraction.

With our state of the art technology, our vision is to deliver the first human movement assist navigation system to the world without the need of any external hardware.

Main focus: Mixed reality – merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations.

Inverseting Labs revolutionizes the process of creating Mixed Reality (MR) graphics with our under development SaaS platform, enabling VR developers to create high-end, mobile-performant, 3D content quickly and easily, clearing the path for global metaverse adoption. 

Inverseting Labs is a deep-tech startup enabling development of high-end 3D visuals for  VR  and mobile devices, ideal for XR (AR/VR/MR) content. We cover the performance gap between mobile and desktop/console GPUs, due to mobile hardware constraints, with a software-based solution. Many experts believe that this technology could be a crucial turning point in the way that we will consume content in the near future (metaverse) that blends the physical and digital world together. This is where Inverseting Labs comes in with our revolutionary technology that automates the mobile optimization and adaptation process. We relieve the developers from the knowhow and lengthy processes of mobile optimizations by automatically analyzing the 3D content and applying optimizations where needed. In doing so Inverseting Labs not only frees the content developers to focus on Creativity and App features without having to worry about how it will perform on mobile, but also reduces the overall content production costs by cutting down on costly optimization personnel and shortening the overall production cycle time.