Inversting Labs Breaking-Thru software solution Based on a combination of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  Geomagnetism, Lidar Mapping and more eliminating the need for hardware, allowing for cloud scalability and providing both high accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

  Our technology is a software combining AI, used in VR/AR glasses, which projects users’ full-body (with legs) functional immersive avatar, leading to prolonged time spending in the virtual world. The software creates a unique digital virtual identity of the user, thus creating a “virtual fingerprint” and a “Digital Twin” (user’s portrayed avatar)  This prevents identity theft.  The technology elaborates and upscales the avatar in the virtual worlds.

Our Avatar is a cross-platform AI avatar for the builders, creators and residents of the metaverse. Our ai avatar Is collecting body movements according to actions taken in any VR app. we use this data to analyze health score, and to monetize the platform according to the user behavior.

Our avatar is a wearable cross platform avatar. At first the User wear the avatar and start moving around the metaverse, the avatar is equipped with 3d data ai system that can learn the body movements of an object in particular after certain actions like scoring goals, winning, losing etc.