Madverse conference is looking into the best marketing changes to stay on top of the new Metaverse industry.

What is Madverse about?

The Madverse conference was created for marketing leaders. Above all to understand the potential of the metaverse and the marketing opportunities.

For instance at the conference the metaverse will be tackled. Topics related to metaverse, NFT, crypto and how the marketing for this changed in the last years. In other words Brands that are trying to open their business to the new Metaverse often find this very challenging. A lot of the aspects changed in how to deal with the end consumer in the digital world. Similarly as the internet initially did. 

However all these challenges and the next steps of development in the new world of marketing need to be discovered and discussed.


Metaverse platforms have the potential to transform how, when and where companies interact with their customers. As extended reality platforms enable businesses to deliver new experiences. This provides information in new ways.

Recent estimates of the potential for the metaverse are between $8 trillion and $13 trillion market cap by 2030. After that potentially it could have up to 5 billion users according to a Citibank Report.

This shows how much marketing potential there is for the metaverse. In conclusion the time for businesses to understand how to implement this new technology has come. This should give a much better and more personal experience for the end consumer.

Metaverse marketing is a new-age method to create an immersive experience for potential consumers. Businesses can sell digital products and NFTs for exorbitant prices while increasing their brand awareness.

What does the metaverse mean for marketers?

We believe that the metaverse is best characterized as an evolution of today’s internet—it is something we are immersed in instead of something we look at. It may realize the promise of vast digital worlds to parallel our physical one. For marketers, the metaverse represents an opportunity to engage consumers in entirely new ways while pushing internal capabilities and brand innovation in new directions.

However the future of the Metaverse and what it means for the Marketers will be discussed at the Madverse conference. 

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