New Web3 Gaming console announced for 2024

Poliums new Web3 gaming console announced for Q3 in 2024

The new innovation of the gaming world is coming. Polium is a Web3 focused gaming platform that will support Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain and more. The announcement was made on the 26th of june for Q3 2024.

Most gamers today play daily on console rather than PC. This is currently the biggest issue for Web3 Development. Therefore Poilium is focusing on the new gaming on the blockchain possibilities.

What does Polium bring to the Metaverse?

Firstly let’s look at some of the specs that Polium released to the public. The community of Polium will be directly part of the building of the console. Further this is done to make sure that the console can run high-performance games by its users’ demands. Secondly the controller for the console should have a Fingerprint scanner to assure device security.


This will be needed to turn on the device and to confirm blockchain transactions. In addition, the controller will have a button that links the user to their multi-chain wallet on the console.For instance, all purchased games, Apps or Metaverse assets will be saved here and secured with the Polium Store.

Gaming in Web3

The gaming market size in Web3 is increasing monthly. Polium is working on a bridge between conventional gaming and Web3 gaming. Building an affordable console for Web3 is a major milestone for mainstream adoption. The question will be who reveals such a consol first. Likewise Microsoft, Meta and Apple are working on their own projects and it remains to be seen who will be able to provide a console first.

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