First Political party looking at new campaign in Metaverse

New Political campaign in the Metaverse?

The Metaverse brings a wide potential to all aspects in life. Therefore all industries are looking at how to implement this. The first political party is looking at campaigns in the metaverse.

Recently the new Metaverse was introduced. The idea to connect the voters of the Likud party for the upcoming election in Israel. With this being the 5th election in less than 5 years politicians are looking for new ways to engage with voters.

What is to be expected?

Likudverse is a virtual reality experience that should raise awareness to younger voters. For instance, implementing a metaverse campaign could also show other advantages. Firstly people with disabilities or those who can’t leave their home could still attend gatherings. Secondly voters should be able to interact with politicians much easier and safer.

After the coronavirus pandemic, people have shifted all their real-time activities online. Gaming culture and metaverse platforms have become more popular. If you haven’t seen Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One or Netflix’s famous show Black Mirror, it’s time to watch them now as the metaverse is no more just fiction.


The Metaverse and its impact on the public

Further the metaverse can make campaigns much more accessible and personal. There are lots of ways this new technology could be used. Likudverse is trying to set the benchmark on how this could be started.

The metaverse isn’t just a word out of a gamer’s vocabulary anymore; it is not only going to redefine work and shopping but also politics and governments as well.

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