Google’s last chance to change the mindset for Google Glass 2

How google are change their initial project

In 2012 google introduced their AR glasses called the ‘Google Glass’. At first this revolutionary tech was a big leap in the future. Yet it did not take long until critics came. Now is Google’s last chance to change the mindset for google glass 2. When you tried to use them in public, more often than not this would be received with laughter. This caused other Tech companies to hold back on the release of their devices and continue their development.

Google has been in the development stage for years

10 years after the demonstration of their prototype Google is starting public testing on their new Google Glass 2. The glasses are camera-equipped for augmented reality. This comes after Google has been in the development stage for years. Introducing the new glasses to the real world will reveal the issues that still persist.


Meanwhile Google is not the only ones that are working on their own AR glasses. Apple, Sony and Meta all have their own projects in development. Meta is with the Quest 3 moving more towards bringing AR in color to their VR headset. The Quest 2 has since its release taken over almost 50% of the VR headset dominance. Therefore they are thriving on procuring their intriguing headset.

Microsoft on the other hand seem to have scrapped their whole future AR development. A new report says the Microsoft department working on the third-gen HoloLens headset is in disarray.. This looks like the end of the road for Microsoft’s HoloLens 3.  

We’ll have to wait and see how the general public

That said, the AR and VR tech has become a lot more commonplace in recent years. We’ll have to wait and see how the general public reacts though, not only next month when testers start walking around with the prototypes but also when they officially launch. Given the current economic hardships many people are facing right now, a similarly expensive product could once again be doomed to fail. Sure, that could change if a future pair of glasses proves to be more intrusive than our existing phones and drones. There are definitely going to be serious questions about data collection and privacy, particularly given the track record of some of the companies building them.

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