New ways the metaverse is used at workplaces

The metaverse and office combo

Ever since the pandemic started many people have changed their view on working from home. As a result companies struggle to bring their full workforce back to the office. Therefore employers have been looking at ways to open virtual workplaces.

The Metaverse is used at workplaces to a certain extent but is not fully implemented yet. Virtual reality headsets can already give you the feeling of being in a real office. As avatars that move around and interact with others in a virtual office space. Even companies that are still in physical offices are starting to use VR for safety training and development.

For instance New York-based IA Interior Architects has changed some tasks in virtual reality. The possibility to design an office in VR with the real scale from home rather than visiting the construction site more than once. This also speeds up the process of workflow.

Global giants like BCG have been looking into Metaverse

Moreover fortune 500 companies are increasingly utilizing virtual reality headsets.Doing so to train new employees, conduct meetings with co-workers. Global giants like BCG have been looking into Metaverse for years.

That reality is likely to take a giant leap, with the launch of mixed-reality headsets from Meta and Apple, which are expected within the next year. And while companies remain divided over the viability of hybrid or remote work, Willersdorf said BCG plans to continue incorporating its virtual office space into its workflow.


Augmented reality brings a viable way to show off projects for almost all industries. This could even go as far as being implemented in schools. For example this could be used for powerpoint presentations, showing 3D models and more.

The metaverse can now go in two way

In this broader work context, the metaverse can now go in two ways: a marketing-based metaverse, where the technology becomes an extension of the existing internet and all applications are carried forward or a decentralized metaverse that’s created by the users themselves, affording everyone safety, privacy and sovereignty.

There is a lot of talk about the many ways the metaverse can change our lives in the future. The technology may provide companies and their employees with greater capabilities. But the biggest transition has already happened. Most office work is now remote. While the quality of the tools will continue to improve, the change will not be as revolutionary as it would have been prior to the pandemic.

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