The Metaverse is a unique network its not a location

The metaverse is a network, not a location. According to Nvidia executive Richard Kerris, the universal scene description standard will allow you to jump from one 3D world to the next as easily as you browse websites.

The different views on the metaverse

When Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg first introduced it last fall, there was some skepticism about the metaverse, the systems of avatars and virtual worlds that Zuckerberg is building and claims will be the next version of the internet. Richard Kerris, who leads a team of a hundred people at chip giant Nvidia working on Omniverse metaverse technology, is unconcerned about that future world. He is, however, skeptical of one point.

Nvidia's Omniverse Project

“The only thing that makes me skeptical is how people tend to discuss it. People are mistaking metaverse for a destination, a virtual world, or something else “Kerris made a remark. “The Metaverse is a network for the next version of the Web, not a location. Simply changing the word metaverse to word network will help it sink in.” In the sense that Kerris uses it, the network is a kind of technology that will connect rich media on many websites, particularly 3D content.


Kerris believes that this will be accomplished through the USD format. Pixar created this file format in 2012. USD can describe many things in 3D and was released as open source software in 2016. Kerris envisions the Omniverse enabled, USD-defined metaverse as a road trip where users can easily switch between 3D worlds like they would when browsing regular websites.

Nvidia and Apple collaborated to define rigid body dynamics

The technology allows one to immerse much deeper into the world of digital twins. Product and structure simulations that allow for intervention, experimentation, and observation. By enabling more complex 3D interactions. Different companies contribute to USD in various ways. Nvidia, for example, has collaborated with Apple to define rigid body dynamics. While emphasizing 3D, Kerris does not advocate for virtual or augmented reality. People tend to concentrate on two technologies. Those elements are present, but 3D does not have to be experienced with a headset.

Having said that, we will have to wait and see what technologies are used in the long run. The main problem with the metaverse right now is that most people don’t know how to interact with the metaverse. It is unclear whether we will need VR headsets or if we will use AR through our phones. With the VR industry’s technology improving by the day, the retail market will eventually be able to accommodate a headset that allows them to interact with the metaverse.

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