What is the new Metaverse? Explaining what you need to know

The digital worlds of the future

The Metaverse has a great potential to change the way we interact with our surroundings but what is it and how will it be used? In this article we will explain a few different concepts and how these could be used very soon.

Virtual reality isn’t brand new anymore but yet this technology gets looked over by the vast majority of people. Many still haven’t even experienced what it is like to have the VR headset in their head. This still is one of the biggest boundaries that exist for VR and the Metaverse. Big Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google are working on their own headset that seems to be mainy AR focused. However many of these devices at this point are still in development and time will tell how these will.

How will these devices change our future?

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is currently one of the more common AR glasses in use. The glasses are used for medical applications in order to prepare for operations or to look at specific parts of a body. After the first Google lens had limited success for consumers they are now testing the new prototype in limited Google office locations. However Apple’s plans are currently still unknown as to what direction they will be concentrating with their technology. Forevermore they could be working on a VR headset to compete with Metas Oculus Quest and the upcoming Oculus Pro or towards the AR landscape.


Other companies are working on how to use these devices for the everyday consumer. For instance Shopify is working on an AR based Marketplace that allows its users to see and interact with a product before they actually purchase it. Moreover DHL has already used smart AR glasses in some of its warehouses, where the lenses show workers the shortest route within a warehouse to identify and pick a certain item that needs to be shipped.

The Metaverse will be VR and AR

Generally the digital worlds of the Metaverse are currently VR bases. These worlds are used for social interactions, retail and fashion shows with the immersive but not in realistic graphics. This will only improve in the coming future as the technology progresses. Similarly AR could also be used. Fashion shows could add an extra flair to the show through AR effects with the option to instantly connect the retail world to this Technology.

In conclusion the potential of the technology and the Metaverse is vast. As applications and digital worlds are being built for the AR/VR devices more use cases will be found as society adjusts to the technology that is in their hands. The Metaverse will be able to connect people worldwide in a much more immersive way than the average Zoom call or Facetime. The possibility to feel like the person is really in front or next to you changes the whole aspect of how we socially interact with one another.

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