Sony has announced the release of new motion tracking wearables

Sony's newest product, the Mocopi, is poised to enter the market.

The body tracking market has been dominated in recent years by expensive motion capture tracker devices that are bulky and difficult to use. Sony intends to change this with their newest device, the Mocopi.

What exactly does Sony alter with this device? The Mocopi consists of six tiny tracking sensors that you wear on different regions of your body. All of these trackers are components of a mobile motion capture system. The device can be used in a variety of ways, including VR gaming, but it is also a very affordable motion capture system for the general public. A retail consumer would normally have to pay between $700 and $10,000 for a setup. Sony’s Mocopi is expected to be available for 360 dollars.

This setup may be just what is needed

Despite all of this exciting news, there is one drawback: the Mocopi will initially be available exclusively in Japan. Despite the fact that Sony is aware of the need for such a product in the American and European markets, it appears that the initial launch will take place in the Land of the Rising Sun. This setup may be just what is required to usher in a new wave of acceptance in the VR/AR/MR environment.

The Mocopi’s launch film depicts a person traveling around a metropolis while being monitored by an avatar. This advertising demonstrates the power that this arrangement has the potential to bring to the whole XR industry. Pre-order sales are set to begin in mid-December, with a software development kit that connects motion data to metaverse services also available on December 15.


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