A mixed reality world is in Apple’s XR plans

Apple entering the virtual reality space

Next year, Apple will launch a whole new product category. In 2023, Apple will enter the virtual reality space with its extended reality headgear and the software and development infrastructure that surrounds it. Apple may be considering adding a 3D video service as well as a metaverse-like extended reality environment to its future Apple VR device. 

This headset should cost between $2000 and $3000. The exorbitant price will be due to the strong technology Apple will include in this headset, which will include a Mac-level M2 chip, more than ten cameras, and the highest-resolution screens in the consumer VR industry.

Apple is also working on the headset’s software experience. The business is presently looking for content developers for their upcoming VR headgear. One of the job postings specifically requests engineers with skills in developing a 3D mixed-reality scenario.


This move might indicate that Apple is already developing its own version of a metaverse platform, similar to Meta’s Horizon Worlds, where users can meet, connect, and create their own worlds. Another job posting seeks developers to create a 3D video platform with content suited for use with virtual reality technology.

Apple is already developing its own version of a metaverse

Apple seemed to dislike Meta’s rendition of this notion, so we can anticipate its version to be quite different. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated in an interview that he does not believe the ordinary person understands what the metaverse is, which should give you an indication of what to anticipate if Apple pursues the notion. However, if you want to experience it, be prepared to pay more than you would for Apple’s top iPhones and iPads.

In contrast, Cook is a big believer in AR and what it might bring for adopters of the technology, describing it as “a profound technology that will affect everything.”

Apple has obviously learnt through time that the power of effective hype is largely dependent on understanding what not to say and employing strategic quiet to pique people’s interest. Apple is certainly deeply committed to a new product with such a tremendous effort being made on AR and VR development, and all indicators point to an Apple VR headset with AR capabilities launching in 2023.

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