FIFA launches new gaming and metaverse collaborations

FIFAs portfolio of new web 3.0 games aimed at entertaining

The World Cup is almost approaching. FIFA has launched partnerships with a number of gaming and metaverse apps. The gaming options have changed since Electronic Arts (EA) went out of business. From smartphone applications to the Roblox Metaverse and NFTs, FIFA has revealed a portfolio of new web 3.0 games aimed at entertaining and engaging a broader audience ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

Global gaming activity has grown after the lockdowns. Big gambling companies are breaking record after record. FIFA 23, the latest game from Electronic Arts, has the strongest launch performance in over 30 years of releases. Activision has broken its sales record with a $1 billion revenue announcement in just ten days. FIFA promotes forward-thinking advertising in order to be available on a broader variety of devices. This is due to FIFA’s realization that gaming and esports are among the organization’s fastest-growing possibilities as it expands into new digital spaces, platforms, and games that are already welcoming football enthusiasts. As FIFA develops into new digital venues, platforms, and games that are already embracing football enthusiasts, gaming and esports are among the organization’s fastest-growing potential.


The new Games with Web3 in mind

The new game integrations, which are all developed with web 3.0 and the future of digital interaction in mind, are available throughout the tournament and each adds a unique twist to the world’s largest football competition.

Matchday – Matchday Contest FIFA World Cup taps into the emotional high of football fanaticism with a highly engaging casual social prediction game based on football cards, where the excitement stems not just from “getting it right,” but from being the best among your friends.

AI League: FIFA World Cup by Altered State Machine is a 4-on-4 casual football game played between AI-controlled players, with user interaction at entertaining and tactical times. Players coach and own their AI teams, and they can enhance their skills with power-ups and training. Players can also gather and trade characters to form teams with their preferred talent combinations. From Paris to Rio, Yaoundé to Seoul, the playing grounds are located in stylised streetball sites across the world.

Uplandme – The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be held at the Upland. Players in the Metaverse can buy and sell virtual properties. They may now gather authentic FIFA World Cup digital assets, including classic tournament video highlights. They may visit the replica FIFA World Cup Lusail Stadium and Village, shop for goods in their favorite colors to decorate their Upland house, swap their assets with friends, and win one of many prizes.


All of the new gaming options complement the recently launched FIFA+ Playzone and FIFA+ Collect, and more are on the way.

FIFA is definitely attempting to establish itself in the collectibles market for this World Cup, with major players supporting them in this plan. Nike has also released a new collection on Roblox’s Nikeland. Users may easily obtain their favorite Nike-sponsored shirts for free in the Roblox realm of Nikeland by just taking part in the Cup Clash special in-game event. They may actively participate in the World Cup season celebrations by visiting Nikeland’s interactive map.

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